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I can not explain the smiles and the sincere appreciation that was given upon receiving the flowers. The husbands of my patients were very grateful also. Thank you so much for what you do. God Bless You!”
— Nurse, Women’s Services, 5th Floor, MUSC Hospital

When we announce a rEvent flower delivery, our nurses LITERALLY run to make sure they get ‘bedside bouquets’ for their patients before they’re all gone!
— Volunteer Services, MUSC Hospital

Such a fantastic idea! The flowers really brighten up our dining room for our house guest to enjoy during their treatment.
— American Cancer Society

For veterans who did not have visitors today, this gift means a lot on Father’s Day. Thank you.
— Ralph Johnson VA Medical Center
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Thank you for the beautiful flower donation! The bouquets were enjoyed by all of the families staying with us!
— Ronald McDonald House

Thank you so much for sharing these photos! It’s so wonderful that our gorgeous wedding flowers could be put to such a great use instead of just getting thrown away. These are beautiful! 
— Amanda Gonzalez, Bride Flower Donor

This makes me so happy.
— Wedding Coordinator who offered our service to her bride

Delivering Christmas trees to families who could not afford one this year really made their holidays, for the whole family. Bless you and Merry Christmas!
— The Neighborhood House
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