Flowers can last up to 14 days when properly taken care of, but are typically discarded following events after only 4+ hours, long before their lifespan is over. We are dedicated to reducing floral waste within the event industry by maximizing reuse within the community.

Additionally, nonperishable event decor items can serve a second use and have a positive impact on the community if efficiently repurposed instead of discarded after only a few hours of use. For example, table linens and excess decor fabric can be reused vis community sewing classes and theater projects. One bride's trash truly can be another man's treasure if we work together to reduce the unnecessary waste by scheduling your next event pickup here


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  • FREE PICKUP of donated reusable event goods from venue to repurpose locally
  • REARRANGE flowers into Bedside Bouquets, give a fresh cut, add floral vitamins
  • REDISTRIBUTE repurposed flowers to the charity of your choice from our local list
  • REPURPOSE nonperishable event goods (table linens, vases, votives, etc.) locally
  • COMPOST all florals unfit for reuse to benefit both the community and environment
  • TAX-DEDUCTIBLE receipt for your charitable donation tax write-off
  • FOLLOW-UP PICTURES of your repurposed items with thank-you letter


Custom Bedside Bouquet Example

Custom Bedside Bouquet Example

  • CUSTOM EVENT TABLE TENT CARDS informing event attendees of the charitable recipient of your donation from our list of partners
  • CUSTOM BEDSIDE BOUQUET TAGS to personalize your contribution with donor recognition & hand tied ribbon, see examples below.
  • CUSTOM unique event hashtag, SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING across all platforms with donor & vendor recognition
  • EVENT SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTING SERVICES: to help you meet your sustainable goals in partnership with your event vendors to help create a more "Socially Responsible Celebration" - additional info below. 





Post event,  WE PICK UP, REPURPOSE & REARRANGE  your donation into individual #BedsideBouquets with a custom greeting card.

Post event, WE PICK UP, REPURPOSE & REARRANGE your donation into individual #BedsideBouquets with a custom greeting card.

rEvent provides Event Sustainability Consulting Services to help you achieve your event sustainability goals by working with you in the early event planning phase. In partnership with your event planner and vendors, our Senior Event Specialist will work with your budget to help create a sustainable event design which will gain both ecological and economic rewards, as all in-kind donations are tax-deductible. Our program is designed to help you create more "Socially Responsible Celebrations" by repurposing reusable event items locally, benefiting both the community and environment, and your event budget!

To learn more about the impact that your event donation will have on the community, contact us for a free sustainability consultation. If you would like to extend the beauty of your next event, please schedule your pick up here.


We are excited to announce that we are expanding our reach!


While our operations are based in Charleston, SC, we are continuing to offer our Event Sustainability Services by request in Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington D.C. We have also had the pleasure of partnering with special events in Philadelphia, Southampton and Louisville. Please contact us to inquire about scheduling an event donation pickup in your unique location and we will do our best to accommodate your request! to help meet your sustainable event goals.