Your flower donation not only brightened the day of my patients, but also their families who were so touched to see kind support from people they didn’t even know!
— Nurse, MUSC Hospital
When we notify our nurses of a rEvent flower delivery, they LITERALLY run to make sure they get ‘bedside bouquets’ for their patients before they’re all gone!
— Volunteer Services, MUSC Hospital
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Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images
Such a fantastic idea! The flowers really brighten up our dining room for our house guest to enjoy during their treatment.
— American Cancer Society House
To the veterans who did not have visitors on Father’s Day, this gift will mean a lot. Thank you.
— Ralph Johnson VA Medical Center
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Delivering Christmas trees to families who could not afford a tree this year really made their holidays, for the whole family.
— Neighborhood House
Thank you for the beautiful flower donation! The bouquets were enjoyed by all of the families staying with us!
— Ronald McDonald House